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Lynne Milford

Fort Worth Divorce Attorney

Lynne Milford
I am a proud graduate of Penn State and SMU Dedman School of Law. I have practiced family law in Tarrant and surrounding counties since 1990, and have officed in the same location in Fort Worth for 23 years. I am on the Board of Directors of the Tarrant County Family Law Bar Association and am an Officer of the organization. I am also on the Board of Directors for the Texas Chapter of the Association of Family and Conciliation Courts and am an Officer of the organization. I recently joined the Wynne Law Firm because of the respect I have for the principal partner, David Wynne, and his steadfast commitment to providing clients with personal, high quality legal services. David has acquired an impressive staff of lawyers and para-professionals whose individual talents and willingness to work together as a cohesive team offer clients personal attention, compassion, diligence, and creativity.

In 2004 I obtained training in a then-revolutionary new dispute resolution method known as the Collaborative Law process. The negotiations concepts and communications skills I learned as a result of that training literally changed my life – my new skills had a clear positive effect on every relationship I had. Enthusiasm for the process among lawyers (those who prefer to be problem solvers and not those who encourage hostility and aggression) really took off across the country and in Texas we now have a well developed collaborative divorce (and family law) protocol and many successful collaborative practice groups. Collaborative practice groups comprise lawyers, mental health professionals, financial professionals and parenting professionals who work together in a local area and who collectively adhere to a certain set of ethical and educational policies. I update my collaborative training education every year, participate in local and state wide collaborative groups, and am an active collaborative divorce practitioner. I strive to offer the collaborative process as an option to my divorce clients who seek a less damaging way to restructure their lives. There really is a better way to divorce!

The collaborative process offers the following benefits in general:

– it is a private process and allows dignity during divorce in a way traditional litigation cannot: all meetings are conducted in the privacy of the lawyer’s office; you are not left having to air very personal issues in an open courtroom full of strangers; the collaborative process is a problem solving method – it does not permit the open hostility, aggression, or ambush tactics that are a part of traditional litigation which only cause damage to people – sometimes permanent damage.

you maintain total control over the outcome of your case – this applies both to property issues and to parenting issues: you are solving problems with the help of your professional team and not surrendering the most intimate aspects of your lives to a stranger (a Judge), whose values you do not know, who cannot really get to know you, and who will never be able to make the kinds of decisions for your family that you can. The entire case is conducted privately and you literally never step foot in the courthouse.

– you have the opportunity to develop creative options for your family structure and finances that truly fit your needs in a way that the traditional court path simply cannot: Judges are significantly limited in Texas by the many laws the legislature has imposed on them and as a result they are constrained and not able to render custom solutions that best fit your family. The collaborative process encourages the development of creative ideas customized to your priorities and does not force you to accept various legal constraints which may not serve your needs.

– you are offered the benefits of an experienced and highly knowledgeable team of professionals who each bring a different perspective to the development of options to address your family issues: each party/client has an individual attorney who will guide and advise you based upon your own circumstances. Your collaborative “team” includes a parenting professional who is a State licensed and well experienced health care professional who helps facilitate communications during the group meeting, is aware of and can help manage mental health issues which may affect the family, and helps you develop a parenting plan for time-sharing and the exercise of parental rights which best meets the specific needs of your family. Your collaborative team also includes a financial professional – usually a certified divorce financial planner – whose role includes gathering all relevant financial information, presenting a picture of your family financial situation to the entire team, and developing a variety of options which may meet your family and individual financial priorities during and after the divorce. Your lawyers help choose the qualified team professionals to participate based on a number of factors and specifically guided by your needs. Having a team of professionals who can offer advise based on years of experience in their respective areas greatly enhances your chance for a successful outcome.

The Collaborative Law process uses “interest based” negotiation skills and I will help you understand what that means for your divorce process – ask me about the “Orange Tree Dilemma” when we meet. Interest based negotiation encourages you to learn to explore the true personal motivations behind a position you may hold on a particular issue – for example: do you need to keep this house, or are you really and truly concerned with having a house for your children after the divorce? Often, once the true underlying interest is identified your team can offer a variety of options to address your need that you may not have considered before. And, usually in a collaborative case, your spouse is going to be more considerate and cooperative as a result of the actual process itself. The collaborative process especially appeals to more sophisticated people who understand the inherent benefits which result from treating others (especially the other parent of shared children) with consideration and respect, and who expect the same courtesy in return. These behaviors absolutely serve the “interest based negotiation” theory – there is give-and-take but meeting your needs may not cost me mine and I may be more likely to offer you that need if you treat me the same way on an item important to me. A powerful consideration when you realize that your family is forever – even if your marriage is not. And the appeal is in clear contrast to the litigation model of divorce which implies the opposite behaviors from both spouses and their lawyers. As I mentioned before, the skills and behaviors you learn as you work through the collaborative process will likely enhance every relationship in your life. By participating in a collaborative divorce you will be modeling the best problem solving behavior to your children, and there will absolutely be less emotional damage to all the family members as a result.

My years of experience dealing with families in crisis has convinced me that your family will benefit from using the collaborative method to problem solve the personal issues presented during a divorce or other family dispute, including modifications of prior orders. I look forward to sharing more about this with you.

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Founding Attorney David Wynne is a fifth-generation Texan with deep-rooted family ties to the Tarrant County legal community. In fact, in 1902, David Wynne’s fourth great-grandfather (Colonel Richard M. Wynne) called for the creation of – and was elected as – the first President of the Tarrant County Bar Association.

Following in his grandfather’s legacy, Attorney David Wynne continues to provide his clients with the highest standards of professionalism. Every member of The Wynne Law Firm understands the emotional, legal, and financial stress that clients may be facing during a divorce, child custody, support, or other legal battle.


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