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How to Hire a Divorce Lawyer in Texas: The Right Questions to Ask

People hate lawyers. The sky is blue. They seem to be two immutable facts of human existence. Yet when you are going through a divorce, a lawyer might be your very best friend. Hating lawyers can blind you to this fact, and prevent you from finding counsel who can protect your best interests. The right Texas divorce lawyer will help you manage the process, reduce long-term expenses, protect your rights, help you keep your emotions in check, and talk you down when your expectations become unreasonable.

So don’t try to go it alone. That’s a recipe for a terrible outcome and a long and protracted divorce. But don’t just go with the first lawyer you find. That’s how you end up with the sort of lawyer who takes your money but does little in return. Here are key questions you must ask before hiring a Texas divorce lawyer.

Do you specialize in family law?

Anyone with a law degree can call themselves a family lawyer. But not all family lawyers are the same. Choose someone who specializes in family law. They’ll have the expertise and experience necessary to litigate your case as quickly and affordably as possible. Don’t pay for someone to learn—and make mistakes—on the job.

How many cases like mine have you handled?

Every case is unique, but many cases follow similar themes and familiar patterns. Ask your lawyer how many cases like yours they have handled, and that the final outcome was. You deserve someone who knows how to aggressively litigate your specific case—not a generic family law case.

What is your specific plan for managing my case?

Every case demands its own unique approach. Sometimes it’s a fight to the death. Other times, a collaborative law approach is in everyone’s best interest. Good lawyers begin formulating their strategy from the moment they learn about your case. Ask how the attorney intends to litigate your case. What will be your arguments? Will you need to hire experts? What can you expect over the coming months?

What can I expect in terms of expenses?

Pricing transparency speaks to your lawyer’s character. No one can predict the exact dollar amount you will spend, but a good lawyer can come pretty close—and will update you if that estimate changes. Ask your lawyer for a ballpark figure of how much cases like yours cost, and how billing will be handled.

How often can I expect updates?

Some people want to hand things over to a lawyer and forget about them. Others want constant updates. Be honest about what you need, and ask the attorney for an honest assessment of their ability to meet those needs—as well as the costs involved. It’s important also to find out whether you’ll get updates from the attorney or from support staff.

How long do you think this will take?

More complex cases typically take longer to litigate. While some factors are out of your control, the right lawyer can do a lot to expedite your case’s timeline. Ask how long this will all take, and whether the lawyer can do anything to shorten the time to resolution—especially if you have emergency custody issues to resolve. In many cases, a lawyer can seek a temporary emergency order that resolves the issues weighing heaviest on your mind.

Are my expectations reasonable?

Mediocre lawyers tell you that you can have the world, and that your spouse is the devil. Then they disappoint months or years later. Good lawyers tell you what you don’t want to hear, because they know that reasonable expectations play a critical role in whether you can win your case.

At The Wynne Firm, we offer aggressive, controlled reputation that protects your assets, supports your family, and ensure you get what is fair. We don’t believe in long and pointless fights. We believe in justice and in families. We’ll help you fight fairly, support you as you walk this difficult road, and always be upfront and honest. We don’t just make promises that sound good. We help you better understand your case, set reasonable expectations, and ultimately, win to the greatest possible extent possible.

We’re standing by and ready to help. Give us a call today!


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